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LED Street Light - Green Forest Collection (TF-HB01.0005C)

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LED Street Light - Green Forest Collection (TF-HB01.0005C)
  • 绿森系列(TF-HB01.0005C)

LED Street Light - Green Forest Collection (TF-HB01.0005C)

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Brief Introduction: Green Forest collection is one style of LED street light with simple & smooth lines and compacted-size, combining with green lighting, energy efficiency & environmental protection and cityscape embellishment. Widely used in the road lighting of city, countryside and industrial park etc.
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Green Forest collection is one style of LED street light with simple & smooth lines and compacted-size, combining with green lighting, energy efficiency & environmental protection and cityscape embellishment. Widely used in the road lighting of city, countryside and industrial park etc.
The integration of low thermal resistance structure technologies, heat pipe conduction technologies, professional non-imaging optical technologies and multipath driver technologies on this Green Forest collection realize the advantages of high luminous efficiency, long lifetime and high color rendering index. Meanwhile, corresponding monitoring terminal and perfect remote control software are well equipped, which make the street lamp lighting system more energy-saving low-carbon, easy to do remote management and blend into the Internet of Things (IoT) life.

Key features:

● Modular pluggable technology, tool free for on-site maintenance.
● Intelligent wireless control system, Ad Hoc network, manages the street light effectively, realizes secondary energy saving.
● Linkage of multi-group drivers, avoids light off caused by single driver failure, improves the lifespan of whole light. 
● Independent lightning-proof module, easy for maintenance.
● Modular power design, ensures the lifetime of whole light.
● Freely serialization, full power solutions.

Product size chart:

Performance introductions:
※ Higher lighting effects: Major international brand chips are adopted, with high photoelectric conversion efficiency, factory light effects over 100Lm/W.
※ Longer lifetime: Honeycomb heat dissipation technology is adopted, with low thermal resistance integral structure, achieve high-efficiency cooling. Meanwhile, the adopted power redundancy technology makes the power temperature curve of each piece of LED chip be alleviated, which can ensure the light source lifetime achieve to 10 years and still keep 70% of the initial lumens.
※ Modular design: Modular design program is adopted in light source, which realizes the best match of the ground luminance and the power. Meanwhile, it makes the working modes of the light source module more flexible. Different road width and illumination requirements can be satisfied well through switching the working modes of the module. It achieves the aim to meet both the road illumination and the electric energy saving.
※ Professional light distribution: Based on non-imaging optical technology, the secondary light distribution design makes all the light projected on the road with high efficiency. In the meantime, there is an individual secondary optics system for each piece of LED. The LED arrays provide overlap-added light, and form rectangle light spots which can meet with the illumination and uniformity of road safety. The specific designs for different height of lamp poles ensured the illumination quality of different road conditions.

Product parameters:
Working voltage: AC220V
Power efficiency: 91%
Power factor: 0.95
Junction temperature: <80
CRI: Ra70±5
Working environment: -40, ~+50, 10%~90%RH
Storage temperature: -40 ~+50
LED lifetime: 10 years
Surge voltage: 10KV
Color temperature: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K
Light source: Citizen, Philips, CREE
Install diameter: 57~63mm
Body and shell material: aluminum alloy
IP grade: LED module IP68, power IP67
Lamp light effect: 90-100Lm/W
Lamp power range: 120W-250W


Distribution diagram:
Distribution diagram

Driver power performance description:
The multipath driver power with steady voltage and constant current developed by Shanghai Truth Faith providing an effective guarantee for its LED street lamp light source.
※ More reliable and stable performance: High temperature resistance H class electronic devices used for internal circuitry and high quality aluminum section with completely packaged thermal designs on the shell fully ensure the power working stability. 
※ Multipath driver designs: According to the module designs of LED street lamp, driving power also takes multi-output designs. Each output is independent with each other, which makes the working modes of LED street lamp diversified, meanwhile reduces the lights-out probability and improves the illumination safety of LED street lamp as well. 
※ Stable voltage and constant current designs: The output current value of power supply determines the power consumption of LED chips. The output current quality effects the lifetime of LED chips. Stable voltage and constant current designs are the necessary requirements of LED street lamps. The accuracy deviation of constant current output for this item is < 3%.
※ No flicker designs: Strobe light is easy to cause visual fatigue and harm to the vision. High frequency and low ripple designs are used in this driver power, eliminates the strobe of LED light source in big extent. 
※ PWM dimming designs: To meet with the requirements of mood lighting and low carbon lighting, this power supply is equipped with PWM dimming function, can make stepless adjustment within all power range of LED street lamp and realize high efficient intelligent lighting.
※ Multiple protection: With short circuit protection, open protection, over current protection, thermal overload protection, 10KV anti-surge protection.
※ Remote communication interface: There is remote communication interface in the driver power, which is convenient to realize the intelligent management of remote control.
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