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  • 绿森系列(TF-HB01.0003C)
  • LED T8灯管(驱动内置)(TF-SA03.3001L-13W)
  • LED T8灯管(驱动内置)(TF-SA03.3002L-18W)
  • LED T8灯管(驱动外置)(TF-SA03.3003L-9W)
  • LED T8灯管(驱动外置)(TF-SA03.3004L-13W)
  • LED T8灯管(驱动外置)(TF-SA03.3005L-18W)
  • LED T8灯管(智能感应)(TF-SA03.3006L-9W)
  • LED T8灯管(智能感应)(TF-SA03.3007L-13W)
  • LED T8灯管(智能感应)(TF-SA03.3008L-18W)
  • LED T8灯管(驱动内置)(TF-SA03.3000L-9W)
  • 绿森系列(TF-HB01.0002C)
  • LED High Bay Light (ND-GKL100C/150C/200C)
  • 绿森系列(TF-HB01.0005C)
  • 绿森系列(TF-HB01.0004C)
  • LED High Bay Light (ND-GK60C)
  • LED High Bay Light (ND-GK80C)
  • LED High Bay Light (ND-GK100C)
  • LED High Bay Light (ND-GK150C)
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    We company provide all kinds of solutions for the lighting of different places, air conditioner energy saving and power system energy saving. In conjuction with the design concepts of people-oriented, our energy saving solutions creat regulation controls of humanity and situation, greatly reduce the energy consumption on the premise of comfort and working effiency, and save the electric charge for the users in the maximum extent.